My loyalty program


Each purchase earns you points (1 € = 1 point), which brings you closer to the next status and its benefits.

Discover our 3 states and the advantages they have for you!

White state:

150-499 points = -20%
Discount code: WHITE

Black state:

500-1499 points = -25%
Discount code: BLACK

Golden state:

1500 points and + = -30%
Discount code: GOLD

Codes can be used as many times as you like and cannot be combined with other discounts.


By making your purchases on, you accumulate points that allow you to achieve a status.

To redeem your code, you must:

1- Provide your email address during checkout:

Important: Your points are added to your email address. Always use the same address so you don't lose your benefits.

2- Enter the discount code associated with your state:

WHITE if you have between 150 and 499 points
BLACK if you have between 500 and 1499 points
GOLD if you have +1500 points

Remember to indicate the email address used in your previous purchases.

If you do not know your status and the points you have accumulated, you can write to us through the following form:

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